Call for Submissions

*We are no longer accepting conference proposals. Thank you to all who submitted.*

The Graduate Center-CUNY English Student Association Conference: Trance

March 5-6 2015

We believe that a convocation around trance will produce important interdisciplinary connections and inspire further inquiry through and about our own scholarly and creative methods. Given trance’s richly valenced place in poetics, literature, psychological inquiry, religious practice, and sites of cross-cultural exchange, this conference encourages proposals from across a variety of disciplines. We especially welcome proposals for interactive performances and workshops that might engage participants more experientially.

Please email proposals by November 3rd to

Possible proposals may involve but are not limited to the following:

  • Trance-related art, writing, movement, etc. workshops
  • Trance and aesthetic experience (temporality, corporeality, aurality, visuality, etc.)
  • Institutional trance (schools, prisons, museums, etc.)
  • Trance of production and consumption (the commodity, the assembly line, labor, eating while reading)
  • Trance and religion/spiritual practices
  • Trance dance (might include Vodou rituals, the Shakers, Evangelicals, Ravers, and possession of various kinds)
  • Racial and cultural implications of trance’s uses and accessibility (might include Primitivism, New Age and Radical Faeries)
  • Hypnosis and induced therapeutic states
  • Transcendence and immanence
  • Trance and the image
  • Magic, charms and spells
  • Methodologies of trance (automatic writing, ritual, practice, etc.)
  • Sex and trance
  • Trance and weather
  • Trance and land(scape)
  • Reading and writing practices/experiences
  • Mesmerism in literature
  • Drugs and the literary
  • Distraction and/or getting into the zone
  • Spectatorship, audience participation and crowd mentality
  • Trance and cinema
  • Performance as/and trance
  • Sound and trance
  • Trance and habit/trance and ordinariness
  • Trance and ugly feelings
  • Trance and violence
  • Trance and so-called criminal behavior
  • Trance and space/movement
  • Notions of sanity and mental illness
  • Trance and trauma
  • Pain, illness and trance
  • Prosecution of trance and entranced prosecutors
  • Trance and community
  • Trance and marginal state/status
  • Trance and miscommunication
  • Trance and the digital
  • Modes of learning, study skills and procrastination
  • Radical possibilities of trance

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